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At Minneapolis Commercial Painting we are a company that was founded to give service exclusively to other companies, stores and all forms of businesses around Minneapolis. As a respected business, we know what it takes to be successful in the corporate world. If you need any type of commercial paint service we are the ones to call. When we first started the business people always asked us why we tend to stay away from residential paint jobs and it really wasn’t anything against homeowners or residential painters. We just felt that commercial painting was an area that was a bit unattended and that it required a different set of services to really be able to constantly meet the client’s needs.

Today we have been in business for an extensive amount of years and our decision to stick to commercial painting primarily has paid off. Companies of all shapes and sizes that provide many different types of services have chosen us to cover their paint jobs. Why would we say that is? We understand how to provide services that do not disrupt the daily operations that a company needs to do to continue functioning properly. Upgrading areas of a building or any type of workspace should not cost your revenue to come down. On the contrary, they should be a push to drive it upward. We promise to do everything in our power to make sure that we upgrade your business with our paint job. While allowing you to continue to work while we get it done!     

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