Commercial Block Coatings

Block Coatings and Waterproofing Services

The same goes for Commercial Block Coatings… most people that have never worked with a commercial painting service really don’t know the true difference between us and traditional painters. The main differences that you will clearly be able to see are the type of professionals that are going to be working on the project. That added to the fact that we have all of the top of the line equipment that is needed to handle heavy duty jobs. There is a reason why average painters won’t tackle the types of jobs we get through on a daily basis. Not only having the equipment to take on these jobs is enough to do them properly. Our commercial block coatings are specific to the surface that you need them applied to!

Why Apply Commercial Block Coatings

A building that is built on blocks is usually built to last. Blocks are a very stable and sturdy material that typically doesn’t require too much maintenance. That being said there is nothing wrong with applying special coating every now and then. This will allow the building to keep its original look and color set while helping it combat the normal effects that the passing of time and putting up with the elements may have on it!

Prevent Your Walls From Taking In Too Much Water with our Waterproofing services

Chances are you’ve heard of or had a seal applied to your roof to make sure that no leaks would form in it during rainy or snowy days. The seal helps cover up some of the natural pores that blocks and other materials have and it diminishes the amount of water that is ultimately taken in by any given surface. Keeping your walls as dry as possible can help you avoid a lot of problems over time. It can help the original blocks remain as tough as they were when they were first laid out!  

The Benefits of Choosing Minneapolis Commercial Painting

Like with many maintenance services especially when it comes to taking care of anything that is based outdoors it can really pay off when you go with local contractors. We are not just saying that because it benefits us. Local contractors will know the main issues that structures in their area face like the back of their hand. Thanks to this we will be able to provide better options on how to handle your commercial painting issues in Minneapolis better than what we would be able to if you are based in southern California. Plus, you can call us up if you are need of immediate assistance.

Can You Apply A Coating Over A Paint Job?

This is a question that we get asked fairly often. People want to know if we can apply a coating over an existing paint job. The quick answer is yes, it can be done. Sometimes though the best way to achieve optimal results is to apply the coating and then repaint. This is usually the case when the original paint has already begun coming off.  

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