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Commercial brick coatings comes to mind regarding brick buildings that have a lot of things going for them. For one they are sturdy and are going to be quite durable. As long as the original layout is done correctly you are most likely not going to have to worry too much about maintenance. From time to time though they will tend to look a bit old or worn down. The good part though is that most of the time you won’t need to do a whole renovation of the building if the original foundation is still stable. You can get through a decent upgrade just by giving the bricks a good paint job. For commercial brick coatings this is exactly where we come in!

Exterior Brick Coatings

Like many other types of buildings being located outdoors will usually cause a greater damage to the building since it has to stand up to the elements. There is difference usually with brick walls though. If we are just talking about a perimeter fence that runs around a building the bricks can usually stand the test of time without the need of much help. When the building has sewage installations running through it that may be an entirely different story!

Preventing Moisture & Water Damage

One of the worst problems that brick surfaces or any type of wall or roof can face is running water through them. In the Minneapolis area, buildings will constantly be exposed to rain or snow. A proper brick coating job applied promptly can help the surface by not allowing it to absorb too much water. This will ultimately keep it from literally rotting from the inside out. We use different coatings on a wide variety of surfaces. When we get called in to oversee a new project we will give our clients a wide of coating of options to help their brick structures remain standing tall for as much time as possible.

Brick Coating on Roofs & Other Structures

Some buildings roofs tend to use a mixture of bricks and roof tiles. This can be durable to make sure that you don’t have to worry too much about your roof maintenance. Just like we just talked about in other surfaces though just leaving bricks out on their own can cause plenty of problems down the road. When it comes to rooftops if these bricks absorb too much moisture you may be in some trouble. As the water can literally break through a give you a new fancy fountain of rainwater dripping from your roof into your building. We obviously know you don’t want that, and it can easily be avoided by having a commercial brick coating applied periodically to make sure the surface remains as sturdy as the first day it was placed.

What Commercial Painting Company Are You Going To Call?     

Are there any commercial painting contractors that specialize in commercial brick coatings near me? Well, chances are if you are reading this you’ve already looked at other areas of our site. The importance of getting professionals to perform these services versus a regular handyman is purely the experience and expertise that we can bring to a project. Your walls protect you, let us protect your walls!           

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