Metal Painting & Coatings

Warehouses, Industrial Parks and Office Buildings

Metal paintings and coating have become more and more popular within buildings over the last couple of decades. Most of the times metal buildings are durable and don’t require a lot of maintenance. Still applying a new metal paintings coating job every now and then can help make them look as good as they were the day that they were first put in. Otherwise, they become more prone to rust and overall wear and tear. You won’t want your metal or steel structure looking like a beat up terminator! Not only that but if they are not tended to properly they can become very sharp and dangerous for people to touch!

Painting of Exterior Metal Structures

Like all of the structures that will sit outside around here, they are going to regularly need some help to stand up to the elements. With the amount of water and snow we get around here it is absolutely essential that metal structures are covered with the proper coating. Otherwise, they will be more prone to developing rust. A proper coating can help you not only make a fashion statement but also keep these structures standing upright!

Commercial Paint Spraying

When it comes to tending to metal structures most of the times painters will be extremely tempted to use paint sprayers. These can be a great option to make sure that the coating is applied to the structure evenly and it is usually a quicker process than painting them by hand. In outdoor structures, we can usually use sprayers to lay down the coating as long as we cover up other areas that may also be hit with paint. The last thing we want is to create an 80-foot paint waterfall that is going to come down on the people and ground below.

Painting of Interior Metal Structures

Metal structures are typically used by interior designers and architects because they are easier to bend and mold into specific shapes and sizes that they may be looking for. Painting these structures is usually more complicated than just painting a vertical wall. When we are called in and approved as the painters in charge of the project we can draw up a plan that will contemplate how we are going to go through the paint process. We may need to shut down certain areas of the building at times. What we usually aim to do is to disturb the everyday life of building as less as we can. With that in mind, we can work together with the client to make sure that we can stay true to that idea!

Different Surface Different Paint & Coating

As professional commercial painters, we always preach that you have to know the difference between structures and types of coating available. It sometimes is not as easy as picking up a couple of buckets of paint at your local store. We have constant contact with specialized commercial paint manufacturers and can great deals on premium paints! Call or contact us today to take a look at all that we have to offer!

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