Top Trends In Industrial Painting

The top trends in industrial painting ties together Commercial Painting and Interior Painting, but the general assumptions are that this type of painting is exterior work. Commercial Industrial Painting has become so important to interior decorators today who are focusing less on home aesthetics and more on workplace wellness. Commercial painters have become vital in keeping spaces functional, aesthetically pleasing, up-to-code, and safe for employees. With all these responsibilities being placed on the shoulders of Commercial Industrial painters, it’s no wonder that they’ve been given an important role in today’s business world!

Industrial painting also differs from Commercial and Residential Painting because not only do you need to focus on aesthetics but also anyone involved with safety regulations such as OSHA (National Safety & Health Administration) regulations. Commercial Industrial Painting is not the same as Commercial Painting because Commercial is usually focused more on aesthetics while Industrial Painters need to focus on safety.

Industrial painting can be done with a variety of mediums including acrylic paints, epoxy paints, water-based paints, stains, polyurethane topcoats, oil-based paints, rubberized coatings or anti-slip treatment. Paint can be applied via sprayers or airless sprayer when wide areas are being painted. There are several types of finishes that can be used in commercial space painting such as glossy hard coats (epoxy), semi-gloss (acrylic) or non-gloss (latex) finishes. Commercial painters also specialize in interior and exterior painting as well as wood staining, drywall finishing and metal finishing to achieve a variety of looks and feels focusing on building exteriors such as storefronts, parking garages and warehouses for businesses around the world.

Businesses today are concerned with protecting their employees who spend most of their days at work – what is it like spending 8 hours per day at work? For most companies the answer is ‘not fun’ which is why having your painting done can do wonders in making employees more productive, healthy and happy.

Commercial Painting

Is about much more than just art – Commercial Painters paint everything from building exteriors such as storefronts, parking garages and warehouses to commercial interiors such as offices spaces, fitness centers, restaurants and much more! The role of the Commercial Painter has become increasingly important over the last few decades because owners understand that customers judge their business by what it looks like on both the inside and outside. Minneapolis Commercial Painting not only make a business look great, but they also create an inviting and energetic space for employees and customers alike. Finishing such as waterproofing, drywall repairs and concrete polishing which helps improve the style of any commercial space!

Commercial Industrial Painting is vital when it comes to making sure that Commercial Spaces looks good on both the outside and inside.